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Guidelines on Making Doll Shoes Without Sewing a Stitch

There is no need that you spend extra cost in the purchases of the doll product while you be the capability to do it yourself. If you are dedicated, you can make the dolls products yourself without having to incur the buying cost. The most recent way of saving is through making the doll shoes which is much easier. This special doll’s shoes that you are making are perfect because there is no sewing required. Read this article on tips of making the dolls shoes without sewing .

For the project, you will be required to have materials like vinyl leather, which is not expensive and much easier to find. If not vinyl you can choose the leather scraps that will work well. You will also require to have the trim and the scissors in making the dolls shoes. The cardboard is a requirement, but for the doll’s shoe, you will require to have the cereals or the cookie box. In making the doll shoe, you need foam and the leather puncher which you will find in any store. For the doll’s shoe, you will also be required to have the knife and the laces of the shoes. After you have all the requirement you are ready to start the process of making the dolls shoe.

In the pattern pieces that you desire you can cut the vinyl, cardboard and the foam. Depending on the doll shoe that you need you can cut in the varied patterns. You next need to use the leather puncher to punch the shoelaces holes on the upper. The other thing is to remove the cutouts using the hobby knife. You are needed to glue the vinyl sole and the cardboard together. Take the cardboard sole that you have and glue to the front upper. Wrap the front upper around the sides and cut the small extension to make the material flat.

The upper is then glued to the backside of the shoe. You need to repeat gluing the cardboard and the vinyl soles together again. Now you can put the foam sole but start applying the hot glue. Once you are doing that you can glue the foam sole to the upper . For a few minutes, you are required to press hard the foam sole and the upper so that you can minimize gaps. Glue the trim around the foam as the last step. You will then cut the trim to size, and you glue the end to close. With this successful steps you have the best dolls shoes that you want to make. You will get to save your time and energy that you will use when you choose to start sewing the dolls shoes.

In conclusion, using the easy steps you can learn how to make the dolls shoes for your dolls.

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