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Insurance for Restaurant or Bar Business Owners

For most restaurant or bar business owners, the only concern they have in their business to satisfy their clients by providing the best food and drinks they can give to their customers. However, many restaurant or bar owners fail to realize the many liabilities that these types of businesses are at risk of. Without proper insurance coverage, you might just find yourself either losing a lot of money or losing your business completely.

Restaurant or bar business owners may not be able to think of all the possible scenarios that can happen in the business that can lead to legal claims. The general scenarios give below are derived from actual events that has led to suits filed against restaurant or bar owners or that have led to great liabilities to the business owners. So, take heed since this can also happen to you.

Customers can file claims against your business if they slip and fall on your wet floors and injure themselves in the process. You can be paying thousands of dollars on this type of lawsuit if you don’t protect yourself with adequate insurance.

People can injure themselves from the food that is served in your restaurant especially tooth injuries if food contains hard bones in it and the customer can file liability claims for this incident.

If a customer’s laptop gets wet and damaged because your waiter was able to spill water or soda on it, then you can get in trouble for this. Your restaurant can receive a lawsuit for this.

There are many situations when electric machines in your restaurant can cause a short circuit which can directly result in things catching fire. This fire can cost you’re a lot of money.

There are many restaurant injuries caused by breaking furniture. You are liable to pay for the medical bills of the customer that got injured sitting on your damaged chair.

If people fight in your beer garden and it becomes physical then be sure that things in the bar will be flying around. If they happen to hit a portable heater and it comes in contact with flammable materials then your small beer garden can catch fire. You need money to have your beer garden fixed.

IF there is bad weather with strong winds and hail, then part of your bar roof can get damaged. IF there is heavy rainfall and your place gets flooded, then your bar floors will also get damaged. You will need roof repairs and you will incur business losses for the days that your bar is closed to the public.

These examples just show what would happen if you don’t have insurance coverage for your restaurant or bar business.

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